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nemesis part two: love in vain

Since writing about my Blogger Nemesis a few weeks ago, I have waited in vain for a response. I stood alone in the doorway, waiting for my enemy to approach from the darkness, to show his (or her!) hideous visage.

Alas, no nemesis appeared. Is my nemesis a chicken? Does my nemesis think he can cower among the cobwebs of the internet and hope I won’t see him? Or is my nemesis quietly gathering his forces, waiting for the right time to strike? I hope I can withstand a surprise attack, I hope I am strong enough to face the mortal blows my nemesis has in store for me. For when my nemesis does make his entrance, I can assure you it will not be pretty.

We may start with petty insults. Soon, though, it will escalate into more personal attacks, bits of information neither of us ever wanted the world to know. It will get dirty, dear readers. Be warned. You may never think of your beloved blogger the same way again.

For while I strive to be optimistic and cheerful, my nemesis holds no such moral code. He will certainly go for the low blow; he will hit below the proverbial belt. In defending myself, my blog, and my way of life, I may have to resort to tactics unheard of in the Bloggosphere. Of course I hope it doesn’t come to this, that my nemesis will surrender without stipulation. But if I know my nemesis, and I think I do, he will not fold that easily.

In this season of caring and renewal, we never want to face an evil so great it shakes us to our very core. But that is what I am prepared to do, not only for myself but for all you faithful readers who stick with me week after week in this journey of self-discovery we call “blogging.” It is the American way to not back down when your beliefs are under attack by the forces of darkness. That’s what Tom Petty says, anyway. I stand beside Tom Petty. It is our joint resolve to not back down.

I wish all of you well, and I hope this post finds you in good health. All of you, that is, except my nemesis. You know who you are.

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There’s such an element of humanity and realism when you write “I stand by Tom Petty.” Hopefully it doesn’t go the way of Bush-Putin, Simon-Garfunkel or Pitt-Aniston.

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