my reality show idea

Surprise Tattoo!

We will give tattoos to random people we find on the street. Four people – a driver, a cameraman, a tattoo artist, and the host of the show – drive around the streets of America in their unmarked van to give people the happiest surprise of their lives. First they spot an unsuspecting civilian just going about his/her day. The van pulls up beside the person and the Surprise Tattoo gang pulls him/her inside. They quickly knock the person out, then the tattoo artist gives his guest a tattoo! After it’s over, they interview the person to find out if the abductee likes the tattoo and whether he/she will be keeping it.

Every week the Surprise Tattoo van will be in a different city, so look out!

Surprise Tattoo! The reality show that combines art, abduction, and authenticity!

That’s my pitch.

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