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My new mantra

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to speak with Ted Rall, the features editor at United Media. He looked over my work and told me in the kindest possible terms that he was totally uninterested in publishing it. He did give me some pointers as to what I should be working on, which is good, because I’ve grown tired of “work on the art” line I’ve gotten more than a few times.

One of the more interesting things he said was that I should have a mantra. Not a mantra in the sense that I should repeat it under my breath throughout the day, but one that relates to my comic strip. I should have a single phrase written on a 3X5 index card that sums up what I want to do with my comic strip. You know, get to the heart of the strip so that every single episode I draw is cohesive to the whole.

The comics business is a serious place, folks. It kind of makes sense, though. They don’t want just any schlub off the street drawing funny pictures for a living. It’s tough! Competitive! It’s like Wall Street, a funeral, and CSPAN all wrapped into one!

I haven’t figured out a mantra yet, but I now have a temporary one:
“Don’t Piss Off Batman.”
It’s kind of like What Would Jesus Do, except more relevant for an agnostic Jew like me.

I think that will do for now. Do you have a suggestion? Let me know!

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