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I could be huge in Sweden. It would be the height of awesomeness if some Swedish book publisher decided to put out a collection of my work or if they wanted to publish a collection of Friday Robots.

I’d go on a Swedish book tour and visit Stockholm, Gothenburg, and of course Malmo. I would take speedy trams and trains to get around. I would visit ancient stone formations and the most famous architecture. I would have the chance to go see a film festival of one of the world’s greatest directors. I would wear my winter coat and maybe a souvenir Viking hat I buy at the airport. I may even pay my respects to Sweden’s Prime Minister, Fredrik Reinfeldt.

I wouldn’t ever have to go to that other Scandinavian country if there is a rivalry between the two. However, if all is peaceful, I would be more than happy to make a visit.

Yes, if I did a book tour of Sweden I would surely have plenty to see and do in my off time. But my most pleasurable experience would be in meeting the kindhearted and welcoming people of that fabled land. Would I make lifelong friends? Would I endear myself to the locals of some small fishing village? Would I solve an 80 year-old murder mystery and become Sweden’s national hero? We’ll never know until I get a book deal.

So, if you work for a Swedish book publisher and you like the quirky writing of this blog or the unassuming comic strip Welcome to Falling Rock National Park, why don’t you give me a shot? The Swedish public demands comics and Friday Robots.

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I’m 1/4 Swedish. You could drop my name with the publishers. My name isn’t Swedish though. Let me know how it goes.

Thank you for allowing me to drop your name. I’m now 1/4 further along than I was two days ago.

I can feel the gears turning. This is awesome.
Is anybody out there 1/4 Easter Island native?

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