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more information on Biff Elliot, film star

In an ongoing effort to bring you the most comprehensive information about film star Biff Elliot, I present to you these photos. Not only do they chronicle a long career in acting, but they offer us a glimpse into the life of the man behind so many roles.

Not only was Biff the very first Mike Hammer, but he was featured in such excellent TV shows as Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Star Trek, and Planet of the Apes (as an orangutan).

The next three pictures were taken to promote the Harry Essex-directed I, the Jury.

I, the Jury was a detective story, a true film noir. However, the filmmakers believed it would be even more popular in 3D. Here we have Biff posing (in 3D!) for a group of onlookers.
Years later, Biff was devoured by a rock monster in the Star Trek episode Devil in the Dark. Before being eaten, he graciously agreed to sign this limited edition trading card.
Biff can now be found spending time with his lovely wife Connie. The following picture could easily grant Biff entry into the exclusive Moustache Hall of Fame:
The age-old question remains: could Mike Hammer beat Batman in a fistfight? The world may never know.
Many thanks to Connie for supplying these pictures. The internet is all the richer for them.

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