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monday morning ramble

As I woke up this morning, groggy, not entirely happy that another weekend had come to an abrupt end, a piece on the news caught my attention. Apparently, the Big 3 American car manufacturers aren’t selling any cars and they need government assistance in order to stay out of bankruptcy.

This is why I’m not a political cartoonist. I just get bitter.

I’m not the only person sick of hearing how every corporation can waltz over to Big Government and ask for seventy million trillion dollars whenever they get themselves in a pickle.

Then I thought, well, why don’t the car makers make cars that people actually want to buy? Somehow this minor point of capitalism has been lost on the auto makers. They keep pumping out huge, expensive, gas-guzzling monsters. They lobby Congress to keep fuel efficiency standards down (below that of China, even) instead of putting money into research & development for more and better efficient cars. They blame the American consumer for not buying these road-eating behemoths and they blame their own employees for getting paid a living wage and for drawing a pension.

Meanwhile, in the real world, the American consumer buys the car that suits her lifestyle, and certain companies located on tiny island nations seem to understand that.

I considered not throwing this in, but what the heck: even India makes more efficient cars than we do.

Basically, we have yet another fitting epitaph for the Bush Administration.


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Man, I had a shitty Monday too. I hope Ford, Chrysler and GM disappear and that the workers can get jobs at Honda, Toyota and Hyundai.


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