mcbone: the book

After years of research, cubic tons of wine consumed, and countless revisions, the official book of partner blogger McBone has arrived: P1220006

Wine Appreciation is not just a textbook on the best use of grapes.  It is a way of life.  A better life than the one you’re leading right now, dear readers.

It turns out that a better life can be had through knowledge.  Knowledge and heavy drinking.  Sorry: knowledge about heavy drinking.  It’s like the Buddhists say: do anything with full consciousness and you’re on the road to enlightenment.  Even if the thing you’re doing will soon lead to unconsciousness.

Taking a boring Calculus class?  Tell your professor to spice it up by switching text books!  Think about how much funner Calculus would be if Calculus was all about drinking wine.

Wine Appreciation, ostensibly by a man named “Christian Butzke,” could never have been realized without the hard work and dedication of another man:P1220009

Behind every great man, there is a McBoner.

Cheers to my friend, colleague, fellow blogospherian, and wine lover.  A toast!

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