I’ve always liked libraries. My first job was to volunteer at the University of Arizona Music Library. My friend’s mom worked there at the time; she’s librarian for life (in spirit if not in actual occupation). At the Music Library, I sorted and copied donated musical manuscripts for special collections. Since then I’ve worked at two other libraries. Something about being surrounded by books has always appealed to me. My apartment is certainly turning into a library.

It is with great pride, then, to have my own comics available at the library. Two of my comic books can be checked out of my college library. One is a story I wrote using characters from my college comic strip, Atticus and Glen. It surprised me to find out a copy had been entered into their collection. It was not I who donated Atticus and Glen; I received an email from the library thanking me for my donation. Then I checked my name in the catalog. Sure enough, there it was.

The second is Dancing with Jack Ketch: The Life of Jackson Donfaire, Notorious Pirate. I sent this one in and received a nice letter in return thanking me for my donation; it came with a a tax deduction form. (For the record, I didn’t do it for the tax deduction.)

I also made sure to submit Jack Ketch to the Portland public library system. They have a zine collection, proving libraries are still relevant in today’s wonky and quickly-changing publishing world. I’m happy to report Jack Ketch will soon join this ambitious collection.

Besides the thrill of being able to look up my own name at a library’s catalog, I feel honored to be a part of an institution that promotes literacy and curiosity. Libraries are truly the knowledge base for any society; without them, we would all be worse off.

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