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lake powell and the colorado river

lakepowell_19990325Thanks to NASA and the Landsat 5 satellite, we have this series of images of the water level in Lake Powell and the river that feeds it, the Colorado. Lake Powell, as readers of this blog are no doubt aware, is a man-made lake at the head of the Glen Canyon Dam.

Due to a natural scarcity of water in the southwest, Lake Powell hasn’t been at full capacity for (I don’t know how many) years. I’m one of those canyon-huggers who believes the dam should be taken down so the Colorado can deliver its nutrient-rich silt downstream to the Grand Canyon. Not to get all Lorax on you, dear readers, but I think the fish need the water more than the region needs the negligible amount of electricity the dam produces.

In any case, the images are worth checking out. On the same website you can see satellite pictures showing how much Dubai has grown in the past 9 years. Gosh, I remember when it was a wee lad of 1.130 million.

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I love America so much I want to see it survive at least one more generation.

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