keep portland beard

KPW  I got to thinking about the ubiquitous Keep Portland Weird bumper stickers you see on all the nicest cars around here.  Similarly, I’ve been urged to Keep Boulder Weird and to Keep Austin Weird.  I hope I did.  Anyway, I came up with a variation on this theme:keep-portland-beard-font

And in case you like your bumper stickers less font-y:keep-portland-beard-blackwhite

I hope I’ve helped keep Portland weird today.  If that didn’t work, tomorrow I’ll post a rambling open letter to the zoo’s polar bear.

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Is Portland weird? I was there for two days once and remember having some pretty good ribs.


My favorite sticker I've seen recently was on a hipsters' laptop: "Make Portland Normal"

McB, I think on a weirdness scale Portland ranks below the mind of Salvador Dali but above Phoenix. But that's a pretty wide margin.

Oh, PDX hipsters. When will you stop being so cool?

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