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it occurred to me

Venn Diagrams are a fun and easy way to compare things to other things. The average Venn Diagram looks a lot like this:venn-diagram

Where “One Thing” represents a thing of some kind, and “Another Thing” represents a thing of a different kind. The dark space in the center, where the circles intersect, represents what those two kinds of things have in common.

Usually the intersection is not large, but I think I found two things that have a very large intersection: people who are way into LEGOs, and people who love Star Wars.venn-diagram-lego-star-wars

My eureka moment came whilst strolling the aisles of BrickFest ’09, the annual LEGO celebration that happened to take place in Portland this year. Me, along with my friends Ian K. and Caitlin, were taking in the sights and noticed there were a disproportionate number of LEGO sets devoted to the Star Wars galaxy. Not only that, people had taken it upon themselves to build parts of the Star Wars galaxy that LEGO had not even thought of.

My hunch is that, on this planet, there exists an entire Star Wars galaxy in LEGO form. We did not see more than the tip of the iceburg at BrickFest. In the dens and basements of this dear world, boys and men (and maybe one or two women) have done what scientists deemed impossible: the creation of a universe within a planet. That universe is completely fictional, and it was built with colorful plastic blocks, but that should not diminish the importance of this effort.

LEGO Yoda would be proud.

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This excellent post addresses two of my loves: Legos and Star Wars, and one of my hates: Venn diagrams. Your illuminating insight has forced me to look at those confounded circles with new eyes. Thanks Falling Rock!

Maybe we can make our own Planet X…out of Legos!


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