A few years back, I drew a comic version of Bob Dylan’s song Isis. I used to have it on my website but took it down when I stopped drawing The Family Monster and began Welcome to Falling Rock National Park.

Here, once again, is Isis. Words by Bob, pictures by Josh.

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Cool. I’ve always loved this. Whatever happened to your latest poll?


Hey, I was married on the fifth of May… and I’m doing laundry right now… am I going to have to become a graverobber now? Is that what you’re trying to say, Josh?

Ian, all this means is that Bob Dylan has got you pegged. Don’t worry; just be wary of strangers who offer you the deal of a lifetime.

That has got to be the coolest video ever! And as a Naropa Alum I should was glad to see Allen Ginsberg on the background! Do you know who he’s talking to?????

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