Ian Wilson, Musician Extraordinaire!

Ian Wilson is a good friend, fellow Oberlin alum, and the discoverer of radium. Now we can add published musician to the list.

That’s right! Ian has a BRAND NEW ALBUM out, called The Crater EP. Since I’m part of his inner-circle of confidantes, I had a chance to hear his fantastic album already. If you like piano-based pop but hate Billy Joel and really wish you get that awful Joel taste out of your mouth, give Ian’s album a listen. Also, if you want to increase your street “cred” by listening to the latest underground musician before he explodes on the scene, here is your chance. Go quickly, now, because he will be opening for the Rolling Stones in 2010.

As part of his Coordinated Marketing Quick-Strike Task Force, I was hired to conceive and draw his album cover. Now, for the first time, here is the official album art for The Crater EP.

The cover:ianwilson_Crater-EP_Large-Sized-Cover
Front and back cover, including tracklist:ian_wilson_craterCD imprint:ianwilson_Crater_CD_imprint

Want to know what those fish are about? And where the comet fits in? Please refer to Ian’s myspace page to hear his new album. Enjoy the swinging grooves.

4 replies on “Ian Wilson, Musician Extraordinaire!”

Thanks for the plug, J!

I put a note about this on my blog today, but two of the tracks are still being “processed” by MySpace, but all five of ’em should be up by the end of the day. And then the world is mine.

Thanks, Alec! I hear tell you got to do an album cover of your own recently. It’s enjoyable work, I must say.

Yes, Ian, your plan is coming together perfectly. The music release, followed by the jump to films, then the presidency, then the world. Or just skip the middle stuff and go from music to world.

And lest anyone think I was giving ol’ Piano Man himself a slight, I love a lot of piano pop musicians. Off the top of my head, and including Mr. Joel: Elton John, Ben Folds, Regina Spektor, solo John Lennon.

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