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hungry hungry raindrops

raindrops-car-windowDriving up to Seattle to see a good friend, I looked out the passenger side window and remembered how big raindrops eat other raindrops. This was a game I played when on long car trips as a kid. (Full disclosure: a long car trip was anything more than twenty minutes, but to get the raindrop effect you really had to be on the freeway.) I’d look for the raindrop on the window being blown along by the wind. It would seem to reach out to grab, or eat, its smaller cousins. I would watch to see how large that raindrop got before either being blown off the window or split into smaller drops.

Raindrop eating raindrop was perhaps not the best game – I doubt it will challenge chess or baseball – but it always kept my attention.

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My game was raindrop racing, not eating. Do you think that means you’re a more violent person than I am?

Thanks for coming up- I wish we could do it more often!

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