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hot as sunglasses

The Buddhists say you’re not supposed to get all attached to this physical world of suffering. But I refute this. Have they seen my sunglasses?josh shalek sunglassesI’ve had these Oakley sunglasses since high school. They were a gift from my parents. Unlike Charles Kane, who lost his childhood sled Rosebud and forever mourned it, I have managed to keep my sunglasses and still use them. Basically what I’m saying is, my sunglasses have kept my mental health stable all these years.

I’m convinced these glasses were made especially for a redhead. When I was in the sunglasses store looking for sunglasses, the sunglasses salesclerk said, “We always like to have people try these on because they look so weird on everybody.” When I put them on, the salesclerk gasped. “They look…good on you,” she said.

They are perfect when I ride my bike. Since they’re so large on my face (kind of like goggles, really), they serve a dual purpose of shading the sun and keeping bugs from flying directly into my eyes. (Have you ever seen a cyclist freak out over apparently nothing? A bug has flown into either his eyes or his mouth. It isn’t fun.)

I’ve been on many bonding trips with these glasses. Perhaps the day we grew closest was when I slipped on an icy trail outside Boulder on New Year’s Day. They did get scratched up a bit, but they fared much better than my wrist, which was sprained.

Yes, styles have changed. Sunglasses technology has come a long way since I purchased these. Call me old fashioned, call me stuck in the 90’s. But I can’t think of a better pair of sunglasses. My eyes are forever in their debt.

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Perhaps if you mentioned the brand, that company would send you money for the wonderful endorsement!!

Dude, you're badass. I'm thinking Steve McQueen levels here.


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