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Horton Hears a Friday Robot

Many of you have been wondering, I’m sure, as to how much the Friday Robots are airbrushed to iron out their imperfections before going to (web) print. They can’t possibly look like this in their natural state. Well, dear readers, this is where Falling Rock differs from Vogue and Cosmo. These robots come straight to you from the page on which they were born. And I can assure you, Friday Robots will continue to be unsullied by unnatural enhancement effects that promise a “more commercial” or “hotter” robot. Changing the robots in those ways would do a disservice to them, to me, and most importantly to you.

Thank you for continuing to support Friday Robots. Together, we can make a difference. Yes we can.friday robot 3-21-08

4 replies on “Horton Hears a Friday Robot”

You still have to answer for the anorexic physique of your robots.


I can assure you that my robots are under the personal guidance of the highest-paid nutritionists in the country.

They are fed a mixture of human growth hormone, organic vegetables, and graham crackers.

How many young robots will suffer from robot body image complexes? For SHAME!


We at Falling Rock National Park feel there is no need to apologize for the depiction of our Friday Robots.

However, we have made a significant donation to a shelter for battered Friday Robots. We continue to champion the Friday Robot cause and want to ensure a happy life for them all.

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