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The entire run of Welcome to Falling Rock National Park is now available to read over on my main website. Years of toil went into the making of these comics (not to mention the website itself), so when you laugh, you’re laughing along with History.

Above you’ll note the very first published Falling Rock comic. Melissa and Carver’s relationship has not changed much over the years, although the pen they’re drawn with has.

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Kind of crazy how much these characters have morphed in so little time. I think the whole look is a lot cleaner now.


Here's the way I think of it: my "style" has always existed in my head, I've always just been trying to recreate it on paper.

This is why I've been so happy to draw as many comics as I have. It's going to take a while, but I'll get to where I want to be (hopefully before I'm dead).

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