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Here’s a textbook example

I’m a big fan of experts. Experts on anything. You’ll find that I’m not the only one to share this point of view. Ask any news agency. Newspapers, TV news, radio. The gall-durned internet has been a real boon for Experts. With chat rooms full of Experts on every conceivable subject, Wiki- fueled websites that can be updated by anyone with an axe to grind, and of course those accursed blogs that everyone seems to have now-a-days, Experts make up a higher percentage of the population than ever before.

I prefer to think of Experts as scientist-types clad in white lab coats and carrying clip boards. I recently drew a few comics about those kind of Experts. My thinking is, if you have a degree (preferably advanced, but not necessarily), a room full of books, and a professorial tone to your voice, you could be an Expert on just about anything.

Want to be an expert? Go to the library and start talking in a clear voice. Do not mumble. If you mumble, you are not an Expert. You are a Crackpot. Crackpots can be Experts, but Experts cannot be Crackpots. The crucial difference is not in your knowledge but in how you present it to other people. Mumbling, screaming, stubbornly refusing to let the other person talk: these are all Crackpot qualities. Experts are friendly. They have social skills. They do not repeat the same facts over and over and refuse to let anyone else get a word in. I will allow you to make your own list of Crackpots and Experts.

See what I’m trying to do here? I’m becoming an Expert on Experts.

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