helicopters make music & comics OK, too

Sometime after Helicopters Make It OK, I began thinking on the true power of helicopters across all media. The thin rotating blades have held the movie business aloft for years, but what about other commercial art forms?

It turns out that the same theory can be applied to music. Check out Guided By Voices and their song Everywhere With Helicopter:

Indeed, even I used a helicopter in the grand finale of my college comic strip Atticus and Glen. I knew intuitively that to cap off three years of drawing, I needed the woosh and whirr of modern technology.

Helicopters do make it OK, no matter what you’re selling.

3 replies on “helicopters make music & comics OK, too”

I'm screwed. I'm pretty sure I can squeeze a helicopter into the wine book, but what about the novel?

I'm in full panic mode here.


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