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happy president’s day, mr. lincoln

abelincolnAbraham Lincoln may be my favorite President. He was known for his eloquent speaking style, he wore a hat and a beard, he was unusually tall and during his time many people remarked at what a strange walk he had. Oh, and he freed the slaves and kept the Union together.

I’ve had the good fortune to visit Lincoln’s home in Springfield, Illinois. It has been preserved by the Park Service, along with a block of its neighbors. Lincoln lived within walking distance of his law practice and the state legislature building. I can imagine his friends and neighbors watching him walk to work every morning; they would have had time to get to know the intricacies of the man’s

In honor of President’s Day, I’ve written a weeklong story about Dee meeting the Lincoln Squirrel. She needs the help of a speechwriter, and since the man himself is not able to oblige, the squirrel steps in. You can read the entire story by clicking on the link above, or read today’s strip

Happy belated birthday, Mr. Lincoln, and happy President’s Day.

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