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Happy Belated Birthday, Falling Rock National Blog

On June 2, 2007 Falling Rock National Blog went live.

It’s nice to know that friends, or even strangers, can log on and know exactly what I’ve been thinking on any given day. My heart swells close to bursting to know that I am loved about 10-15 times per day (sometimes more when I talk about Cat Power, Ian Wilson, or mayonnaise).

We’ve traveled a long road together and there are many posts yet to be written. I hope you will continue to support the blog by visiting and commenting. This blog was originally intended to be a supplement to my comic strip. Although I still use it to comment on Falling Rock, the blog has also become a way to talk about matters – important matters – beyond the scope of four panels per day.

Milestones in the brief life of Falling Rock National Blog:

The first post I completely made up was also a signal that I didn’t have to write about comics all the time.
My ode to loving (and losing faith in) Garfield.
The very first Friday Robots.
Retrospective of my high school comic strip.
Harry Potter by Charles Bukowski (also here and here)
Ian’s album cover
The comic syndicate’s rejection process.
The Boogeyman who founded Oregon.
Falling Rock book collections.
History of Bikes
Ernesto sucker-punches James Joyce.
Jurassic Park

Thanks for reading, thanks for all the comments, and thanks for making me feel like less of a hermit and more of a crackpot. It’s a fine line, and I think I’ve crossed over to the better side.

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Happy birthday FRNB! You make the sphere a better place to be.


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