great leaders of our time

Without premeditation, I set my Optimus Prime action figure next to the official presidential portrait of Barack Obama.  It must have been my subconscious showing me the way, because I believe these two great leaders belong together.


I have not, and will not, see the most recent Transformers movie.  The cartoon is a crucial part of my childhood, and Michael Bay doesn’t get what those fighting robots are about.  When did misogyny and racism become a part of the Transformer lore?  Only after Bay got hired.


While you spend your July Fourth weekend studiously trying to avoid the most recent abomination at the cineplex, you should seek out Jeffrey Brown’s glorious sequel to The Incredible Change-Bots.  The ‘Bots are back for more comedy/action in glorious 2D.  Check it out.

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Michael Bay turned Optimus Prime into Wolverine. It’s so sad.

Democrats…. More than meets the eye…. The democrats wage their battles to destroy the evil forces of the deceptipublicans. Democrats… WARRIORS IN DISGUISE!!! The Democrats…
Looking to fuse Barack’s face onto Optimus and Romney’s onto Megamoneytron

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