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jungle+book_01 The Author, pictured here in an undated photograph with man-cub Mowgli.

The results of the haircut poll are in! According to my unbiased fan base, the animal I most resemble due to my haircut is a polar bear. In case you’re curious, I’m posting both an old photograph of myself (above) along with a real, actual polar bear. The resemblance, I admit, is shocking. Thank you all for voting.polar-bear-sleepingI will be on vacation in Arizona this week, so posts may be few and far between. Fear not, dear readers, for I hope to still provide Friday Robots on the day that falls between Thursday and Saturday.

What will you do in the meantime? I assume that all of you out there reading this are either 1) at work, looking for something to read that is not pornography or 2) somehow unable to make this page not your default home page. In both cases, may I suggest following a few of the links to your right. Many of my friends are expert bloggers, and their fanciful musings are filling the internet with joyful noise. You can also read Jimmy Carter’s Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech. It is both concise and relevant. Then of course you’ll be able to watch the Inauguration on Tuesday, which promises to be both warmer than actually being there in person, as well as historical. For those of you not so politically minded, there are plenty of cat photos to be found somewhere online.

Of course, you’ll still be able to get your daily fix of Welcome to Falling Rock National Park by simply clicking the link in this sentence, or the other twelve bazillion places I’ve linked to it on this page.

Do not strike this blog from your daily to-do list, however! When I return we will get right back to schedule. How will I grow my fanbase in Sweden and Armenia? Will I ever find my blogger nemesis? How many more members of my family can I publicly alienate? Answers will be forthcoming.

To be continued…!

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