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Funny Tunes

I haven’t posted in a while, and, to tell you the truth, it’s hard to post frequently when every post has to be a long one. To remedy the situation, I’ll make this short. Short like the lifespan of a fruit fly.

One thing that I always wish comics could do better is music. It’s incredibly hard to show characters listening to music, or to imply music is playing in a scene. I hate drawing that curvy line of music notes – it just seems so worn out. Also, if you are thinking of a particular song, you have to assume your reader knows that song too, or the whole comic doesn’t make sense.
seville opera
It would be fun to do a series of animated shorts, just to use all the music-related jokes, or jokes that rely on music being played in the background, I can think of.

I love the classic Looney Tunes that turn on a single piece of music – The Rabbit of Seville and What’s Opera, Doc. Classic, and so funny!

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