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friday robots: goodbye 2010

Here they are, the very last robots of 2010.  It’s been such a pleasure to bring you new robots every week this year, and I look forward to foisting another 52 or so robots onto an unsuspecting populace in 2011.

Remember: on New Year’s eve, when you’ve had your drink and smoke and injection, beware hitchhiking robots.  They may appear harmless, but once they pile into your beat-up station wagon they will commandeer your mind and force you to do horrible things in 2011.  Things like voting Republican, not recycling, loudly whistling at people you are attracted to and making statements like “Hey baby, I’ve got what you need.”  Don’t make 2011 a year you will regret.  Watch out for robots.

Be safe everyone, and I’ll see you next year!friday-robots-12-31-10friday-robots-12-31-10-2friday-robots-12-31-10-3
Photos used for these robots were taken in (from top to bottom) Oregon (Bend), California (redwoods), California (off the 101), California (APE in San Fransisco), Ohio (Orrville), Ohio (Oberlin).

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I'm not sure about these robots. What are there values? Do they even believe in God?

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