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friday robots: college edition

These robots are from my carefree college days.  The first was based upon the college seal.  I added flying squirrels, wine glass trees, faintly visible classroom windows, and an enigmatic stalactite left of center.

My first-year art professor asked me, “is it a commentary on race?”  I hated that art teacher.  No, I called it black and white because the drawing was black and white.oberlin-college-black-and-white-logo
Three years later, I finally decided to enroll in another art class.  After that first semester train wreck, I wasn’t so sure about art classes in college.  Boy, I’m glad I took a few more before graduation, because my two professors senior year were fantastic, for very different reasons.

These two robots were preliminary works for my final project.  It was to be a painting based on a collage, and I combined two things that interested me greatly: dinosaurs and Japanese Shinto architecture.  My final project painting was made from the top collage.  I liked it, and my professor didn’t even ask me if it was supposed to be about class warfare or the sexual revolution or anything.dinosaurs-shinto-shrines-oberlin

Happy Friday everybody!

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I have a feeling that if I'd mentioned a base television program to that art teacher, it would have proven what she suspected of me all along: that I am nothing more than a lowly clip art drudge, incapable of higher brain function.

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