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friday robots: anniversary edition

On November 9, 2007, Friday Robots were born. It was a whim; posted hastily-drawn sketches of creatures so bizarre the only name I could give them was “robots.” I’d actually been drawing robots for some time, but thanks to this here blog I was able to spread the robot love all around the world. The next Friday it was official: Friday Robots were here to stay.

Two years and 115 ‘bots later, Friday Robots are still going strong. Today I created a stamp to mark the special occasion. Check out this modern piece of machinery:friday-robots-11-27-9
As I said, these robots were carved, stamped, then paired with a piece of desert known as the Painted Hills of Oregon. It’s crazy, I know: Oregon has desert.

Thank you all for supporting Friday Robots, and here’s to another year of human/robot cooperation. High five!

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I think Michael Bay was using archived Friday Robots material for Transformers 2. And that's probably the other reason, besides Optimus Prime killing 6 Decepticons (by metal hand) in 30 seconds, that I liked the movie so much.

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