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friday-robots-4-29-11This week’s Friday Robots are dedicated to Biosphere 2, located just north of Tucson, Arizona.

Built on a whim by a billionaire, Biosphere 2’s original mission was to see if people could live inside the glass structure for prolonged periods of time.  B2 could have been the model for future lunar or Mars bases.  Unfortunately, one of the Biospherians lost a finger and the rest ran out of oxygen before the mission was completed.  Our dream of life on Moon Base 1 remains out of reach.

I also heard there was a giant octopus that snuck into B2’s ocean and ate all the fish.  That there is a giant octopus living in the Arizona desert pleases me beyond measure.

Biosphere 2 remains active, and is now being leased for the sum of $100 per year by the thrifty University of Arizona for scientific research.

Happy Friday everybody, and beware sneaky octopi.

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