friday robots

Tucson has some of the best star viewing of any city in the country.  This is partly due to light pollution restrictions enacted to aid scientists at nearby Kitt Peak Observatory.  If you’re ever in Tucson, a trip up the mountain to Kitt Peak is well worth your time.  Make sure to check out their badly neglected basketball court.  Not a lot of nighttime pick-up games are happening there.  What is happening, though, is some awesome universe viewing.  Their telescopes are more than adequate for solar system research, and the solar telescope is a sight to behold (they’ve rigged it so they can view the sun all day long without having to constantly make adjustments).  If there’s anything fishy going on with ol’ Sol, Kitt Peak will be the first group to know.

All this talk about astronomy got me thinking about a robot constellation which I call “The Four Brothers.”  They look peaceful in this depiction, but that just means they’re up to no good.friday-robots-9-17-10

Have a happy Friday everybody, and keep your eyes skyward.

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