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My recap of the ultra-amazing 3rd Annual Tucson ComicCon is in the works.  Needless to say, Tucson in November is beautiful; it was also great to spend some quality time with my parents.  I consider Tucson my Fortress of Solitude; it’s a great place to crank all my cartoonist powers back up to 11.

Which brings us to this week’s Friday Robots.  Though drawn in black & white, these robots encompass nothing less than the entire cosmos.friday-robots-11-12-10
Up top you see the celestial dome.  The ground we stand on is represented by a prehistoric stone circle.  Below, you can see the layers of earth until you get to the very core of our planet, which is a swirling enigma.  The crazy part of this is: it’s all robots.  Yes, dear readers, robots not only live around us and among us, but robots are in fact everything.  I see I’ve blown your mind.  Have a great weekend.

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