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City robots again this week. Buildings in this montage hail from Portland and the Bonneville Dam.

This week’s and last week’s robots have been among the more complex drawings I’ve done for Friday Robots. I draw the robots, then scan them in to Photoshop. I collage a cityscape in Photoshop using photos I’ve taken over the years, then print it out in two segments (foreground and background). Then I trace the buildings on tracing paper, then scan in the traced outlines. I use the Cutout tool (one of my favorite filters) on the building photo montage to remove some of the more distracting details. For this drawing I also scanned in a sky of blue Prismacolor pencil. Each element – the photos of the buildings, the robots, the drawn outlines of the buildings, and the blue “sky” – is in its own layer in Photoshop. Actually, there are two layers for the buildings and traced building outlines because there is a foreground and background.

I move everything around until it looks pleasant, then save a small file for the web. Voila, Friday Robots. I’m probably making this more complicated than it has to be, but I don’t know what I’m going for until I’m already partway done with the drawing. If I ever have to do this again, it will be a breeze.

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