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friday robots

I was having such a good time making land look like it was underwater last week that I did it again. Although this effect looks more like it’s on watercolor paper, which is partly true. I actually used Prismacolor markers and messed with Levels in Photoshop. The photo, of course, is from Tucson. The robots are from my brain.

Happy Friday everybody!friday-robots-1-29-10


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You know, life would be so much better if robots like these were really out there, just floating around, technical marvels with no apparent usefulness. All I can see out my window right now is some dumb kid playing in the snow.


I will be a party to that, yes. Seriously, you should print out some Friday Robots and we can deposit them in various places every Friday. Your network of blogger friends could make this a nationwide, nay WORLDwide phenomenon.

It could be huuuge.


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