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Friday Robots

You find a map buried in the yellowed pages of a long-dead mariner’s logbook. What treasure could the X mark?

You set out.friday-robots-map-3-13-9
After the months long journey, you reach the shore of a no longer inhabited island.friday-robots-shore
Though the people have long vanished, you find strange remnants of their culture.friday-robots-3-13-9-2
Finally, you reach the spot marked by the X. At first you see nothing, but soon three apparitions come into focus.friday-robots-3-13-9
They tell you the secrets of the land. They entrust you with the accumulated knowledge of their vanished culture. You walk back to your ship exhausted, wary, but confident. You will be the bearer of their wisdom from now on.

Take heed! Do not take your responsibility lightly. You are the keeper of the Friday Robots.

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