foldy comic is up!

I have arrived.  My brand new foldy comic has now been posted on the official Five-Page Folded Mini-Comic website.  This is only my second foldy comic, but it will not be my last.

Malcolm Gladwell has long been a nemesis of mine.  With his hair reminiscent of a certain foxy jazz singer, his connections to The New Yorker, and his using of cheap English Major tricks, I find him both aggravating and oddly alluring.  There are certainly less talented people who are famous, but I don’t think many of them aspire to be the Humanities’ Carl Sagan.  And so I use my tiny folded pulpit to poke fun at a man who has perhaps achieved a greater fame than his methods deserve.

Read, enjoy, and, if you happen to be Malcolm Gladwell, please don’t sue.

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