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70++million+years+ago  Everything is fodder to the professional cartoonist. Celebrities, political figures, gossip & outright lies. As Richard Thompson said on his blog, even “the back of a Ramen package” will suffice when deadline looms.

It used to be easier to find common experiences to use for comic strips. In high school, we all took English, math, science, history. Now, I’m never sure how much I need to explain in a given strip. Is the experience broad enough, yet not done to death by other cartoonists?

The comics appearing on the first week of December were really fun to draw, and I hope they don’t need more explanation. I thought I’d show you, dear blog readers, the connection anyway.

In the spirit of stealing ideas willy-nilly, the comics appearing on the first week of December came from an exhibit at The Denver Museum of Nature & Science. It’s called Ancient Denvers. It is a series of paintings, each one representing a period of time on the land that is currently Denver, Colorado.

Ancient Denvers is a pretty interesting visual history, and it makes me think about how we view the world. Even as recently as 16,000 years ago, there were no political boundaries, few (if any?) humans on this continent, not even a Chili’s.falling_rock_dec2

There were so many paintings to choose from, I got to choose my favorite time periods to represent for the five strips.

Of course I had to draw one with dinosaurs. That was an easy choice. The “vast inland sea” was also a given. Every time you go to a national park in the southwest, there is a sign somewhere informing you that “Where you stand used to be completely covered in water!” This became funnier the more places we saw the same sentence.

I also had to draw my version of the beginning of life on land. falling_rock_dec1
One that I did not draw was Denver’s Present. In the exhibit, they have a photograph of Highlands Ranch, one of the most disgusting of Denver’s many sprawling suburbs.denver+todayI’m glad Falling Rock is a national park and immune to such atrocities.

For the full series, tune in beginning December 1st! Same Bat-time, same Bat-channel.

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That picture of sprawl depresses me. I’ll bet Obama got like two votes from that enclave.


It’s even more depressing when you see it at actual size, if you know what I mean.

Greenbelt! Greenbelt!

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