finally, a fishing joke

I can’t believe I’ve been drawing this comic strip for five years and haven’t made a fishing joke.  Today, all that has been rectified:

Growing up in the desert means seeing more dry riverbeds than actual running rivers.  Only during the monsoon season, roughly August-September, do you see the waters run.  And boy, when we get water we get all the water.  Washes that are bone dry the rest of the year suddenly turn into raging rapids for a few hours.  Every time this happens, some idiot tries to drive his SUV through the water and gets himself stuck.  I suppose I could’ve made a comic about that, but I hate drawing cars.

There is something touching in the act of fishing for lost dreams.  I’d like to fish for dreams, or maybe for punchlines.  Answers to difficult math equations?  There are so many things better than fish that you could fish for.

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This one deserved its own post. I'm also thinking of getting it tattooed on my forehead.


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