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falling rock SEASON SIX

Hello dear readers and welcome to Welcome to Falling Rock National Park‘s record-breaking sixth season.  Although it is still too early for me to have won any awards this year, I expect Season Six to be off the charts in terms of awardablility.


Why am I excited to be back with Falling Rock?  I’ve never drawn a comic strip for this long before.  The Family Monster, my post-college “experimental” strip, ran for four years.  When the idea for Falling Rock came along, I was interested in doing what I charmingly refer to as a “commercial strip.”  This is as close as I can get, apparently, to the mainstream.


I’m also excited for you all to see my brushwork.  Over the summer, I finished my graphic novella Tomb of the Zombies, which I inked with a (very tiny) sable hair brush.  After learning that master cartoonist Farel Dalrymple uses a larger Raphael brand sable brush, I rushed out to the internet and procured one for myself.  The number 4 size brush is now my inking tool of choice.  The details are still drawn with the PITT pens I’ve used before.  I first tried a brush when I was drawing a comic for my high school paper.  Back then I needed a tool that gave me more control.  I wasn’t adept enough to jump in with the brush.  Now, 15-odd years later, I’ve returned to my cartooning roots.  And hey, anything* that gets me closer to Bill Watterson is a good thing.


What can we expect for the coming season?  More robots, more Lincoln references, more harebrained schemes.  Additionally, Dee is beginning to question her place at the park as she gets older.  Will she be a park ranger her whole life?  How has she avoided getting transferred for so long?  These are issues I’m hoping to deal with this year.


Thanks for your patience over the long summer, and welcome back! *except murder

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