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Falling Rock National Park: Book 3

The wait is almost over.

Welcome to Falling Rock National Park: Book 3 is almost back from the printer! This should prove to be an exciting chapter in the history of Falling Rock National Park. Ernesto tries to hide an elephant, Old Man Winter visits Melissa, Carver saves the park from a ticking bomb, Pam considers running for President, and Dee tries to teach a school group what the desert is all about.front-cover-falling-rock

As you can see, the front cover is only the beginning. You get 32 pages of Falling Rock comics, each one handcrafted right here in the USA.

When you finish reading the book, you can close it and start all over again. But before you do that, make sure to glance at the back cover.

Why are there Easter Island heads at Falling Rock? You’ll have to read the book to find out.back-cover-falling-rockKeep checking this here blog to find out when the third collection of Falling Rock comics arrives.


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