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falling rock cameo in the gabby douglas story

MV5BMjA0ODM1NTMwNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjU5ODUwMTE@._V1_SY317_SX214_AL_Last fall, I received an interesting request. Lifetime was making a biopic about Gabby Douglas, the gold medal gymnastics champ at the 2012 Olympics. The art department wanted to know if they could use a couple Falling Rock National Park comic strips for a scene in the movie.

In the scene, Ms. Douglas is sitting in the kitchen reading the newspaper funnies. She and her mom have a little heart-to-heart. Would I allow them to use Falling Rock as one of the comics Ms. Douglas is reading?

OF COURSE, I said. I sent them two comics.


A few weeks ago, The Gabby Douglas Story became available on Netflix. Could this be THE Gabby Douglas story? I wondered. I began to watch.

Sure enough, there is the scene in the kitchen. Ms. Douglas sits at the table, reading the funnies.



It took a few minutes, but I am sure those out-of-focus comics are Falling Rock National Park. Specifically, the two top ones on the left page. Even with my CSI-style Photoshop skills it’s hard to tell, but I was able to verify by matching the black and white areas of the strips.



The Gabby Douglas Story, which I have rated FIVE STARS on Netflix, is certainly worth your time for watching. It joins Dear Mr. Watterson for Falling Rock National Park screen time. I cannot be more proud: a brilliant cartoonist and a gold medal gymnast. Falling Rock keeps good company.

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