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tucson-dayHello dear readers. I’m back from my trip to the Southwest. It was a good trip. As is usually the case for me on a trip, I learned a few things. Since I have you people as a captive audience, I present my findings for your enlightenment.

In Albuquerque, when you fall, you fall hard.
albuquerque-slippery-when-wetI have seriously never seen a “slippery when wet” sign with such a horrific stick man. I walked with care.

I’m trying to get them to start referring to Albuquerque as “the Querque.” As in, “Yeah, I just flew in from the Querque a couple hours ago. Want some green chili?”

Steven Spielberg sure likes to make movies about divorce and father figures. Oh, and
Speaking of airports, they have added to the list of a hundred indignities that you must endure for the privilege of paying to fly through the air for a few hours. Now you must pay to check your bags. $15 for the first bag, $25 for the second. Thanks, US Airways. I spit on your grave.

Bison Witches continues to be the best place in Tucson to get soup in a bread bowl and a sandwich.

My brother continues to stink up the world, both literally and metaphorically.

Stay tuned for a post on our quest to find the secret Scientology base in the desert. It will thrill you!

Glad to be back.tucson-night


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I spit with you, brother. Up theirs. Oh, and here’s to the BisonWitches Babe of the Month, CJ. From October 2006


You ought to send in some pictures yourself, mister. I bet you can still be Babe of the Month for January 2009.

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