disarmament now

There is a threat to Americans, and it is not the Communists or the terrorists or illegal immigrants.  The threat to Americans is other Americans with guns.

What we need right now, countrywide, is a ban on all guns.  Gun control is no longer good enough.  When we say “gun control,” the NRA says “Second Amendment.”  Then another innocent person gets shot.  When we say “gun control,” Fox News says “keep America free,” and some disgruntled student shoots up a bunch of his classmates and teachers.

I’m past the point of caring whether 90% of the population can own guns without incident.  When one kid can inflict so much harm to so many innocent people, the time has come to remove the vehicle for destruction.

Two things need to happen in this country, and they need to happen right now: disarmament, and a complete change in political rhetoric.

Disarmament is easy.  We’ve got the military to protect our country, and we’ve got police to protect our streets.  Otherwise, zip.  We, as a society, have proven again and again that the ownership of guns results in the shooting of people.  Politicians are targets, but so is pretty much everyone else.  When a public speaker has to wonder if someone in that crowd has a gun, we have reached the end of the road in terms of sanity.

The second part is tricky, because it means Sarah Palin has to shut up.  When politicians use violent metaphors, it is only a matter of time before some nutcase will follow through on their angry rhetoric.  The case of Gabby Giffords is the latest case in point.

From politicians to news outlets, TV personalities, bloggers, all the way down to the way parents talk to their children, we need to stop the shooting.

The time has come when we, as a nation, need to take a giant chill pill.

If your hatred of guns and violence exceeds even your hatred of certain individuals, you’re not a threat.  People have done crazy things like host a sit-in or march on Washington, but they’d never murder those they disagree with politically.  They would also not talk about murdering their political opposites.

Disarm!  Disarm!  We can’t take any more of this.

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