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die, comic sans, die

Even with the word ‘comic’ in its name, I can’t think of a font cartoonists avoid more than Comic Sans.

Faithful readers of this here blog know you can count on three things: Robots on Friday, YOUR SOURCE for Alan Rickman news and information, and a pure fire hatred for the Comic Sans font.

Did you know that, according to a survey of Alan Rickman, the worst font ever created was Comic Sans?  It’s true!

Comic Sans is the monster that won’t die.  It comes to us in our dreams and tries to strangle us with our own intestines.  It lurks in old abandoned summer camps and hacks teenagers to death with a machete.  It jeers at us, mocks our feeble attempts at “civilization” and “profound thought.”

In this photo taken from an art exhibit, even Thoreau is not safe from the creeping tentacles of Comic Sans:thoreau-comic-sans

Over at McSweeney’s, Comic Sans lays down what amounts to a shot across the bow.  No other font can stand up to the towering menace that is Comic Sans.

Most recently, Comic Sans crept into the last place any of us would have expected: a fuming letter written by Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert to departing star/traitor to democracy LeBron James.  Gilbert’s letter was rightfully ridiculed not for its content, but for his choice of fonts: Comic Sans.

Like a venereal disease, Comic Sans cannot be vanquished in one fell swoop, but must be consistently and methodically scrubbed from every computer that is infected.  Together, we must raise awareness about his horrific and disfigured font, and ultimately end its use.  For the United States – nay, for the world – Comic Sans must be defeated.

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