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Dee’s new wardrobe

dee-jaunty-outfitBooks I never thought existed do, in fact, exist. Thanks to the library, I picked up two books on the history of the National Park Service. One of them is dedicated entirely to women’s ranger uniforms.

Dee’s current uniform is based on an older style of ranger outfit, although I’ve given her pants instead of the skirts women rangers had to wear through most of the last century. Can you imagine enduring a snow-covered trail in Rocky Mountain National Park or the blazing heat of Saguaro National Monument in a skirt? I’m glad I can’t.

The drawing above is based on a 1970’s uniform which I quite like. Maybe I’ll give Dee a few changes of clothing this year, just to change things up a bit.

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I like how Dee seems to know something we don't in this picture.


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