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Decision-Making Hat

I am a man of action. Ask any of my friends; they will tell you my long list of accomplishments. I make thousands of decisions per day, and I never look back. Dear readers, you are fortunate to be reading a blog by a man as illustrious and sure of himself as me.

People have asked me to write a book about decision-making. Many have failed miserably where I have succeeded. Is there a trick to my decision-making process? Some little trick that catapults me above all the riff-raff? Friends, it doesn’t take a book to tell you my secret.

I have a Decision-Making Hat.

That’s right! When I need to think, or sometimes when my head is cold, I put on my Decision-Making Hat and things just come to me. It has never let me down. When I’m wearing the hat, I no longer need to weigh the arguments for and against something. I just know.

Here is me without my Decision-Making Hat. Sitting at my drawing table, completely paralyzed with indecision. Notice the furrowed brow, making me look decades older. Not very attractive, eh?decision1

Now me with the hat. Happy, smiling face. No worries. Why? I’ve gotten so much done! Mission accomplished!decision2

For the rest of you huddled masses, I would advise you get your own Decision-Making Hats. Forget your old worries and be like the President and me. We don’t worry; why should you?

4 replies on “Decision-Making Hat”

Does it come in different designs? You’ve got the pirate hat. My decision maker would, of course, be a bowler.


I went to the store to get a decision-making hat, once. Had trouble deciding. Ended up with decision-making tube socks instead. Worst decision ever.

Haha. I’m still deciding if my decision-making jockstrap was a good decision or not.


There’s a decision-making store where you can get all sorts of decision-making paraphernalia. They were thinking about starting a second one, but then no one would know which store was better.

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