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Falling Rock National Blog gets over 4,000 letters annually, with questions ranging from the absurd to the very, very personal. Though I don’t have the time to answer all letters publicly, I do occasionally dip into the Falling Rock mailbag to answer a reader question.

The letter I chose today asks about my corkboard:
What do you post on the corkboard that hangs to the left of your drawing table?

First of all, dear reader, thank you for noticing the corkboard, featured prominently on the Friday Robots video currently setting all of Youtube abuzz.

I don’t think I could list everything on my corkboard, but here is a good sampling of what currently hangs beside my head as I draw each and every episode of my Pulitzer Prize-winning comic strip:

-postcard of Nixon shaking hands with Elvis

-picture of John Lennon wearing a costume from How I Won The War

-ad for a figurine of a kid with sunglasses and a skateboard that is inscribed “On Board With the Lord”

-Drinky the Crow from Tony Millionaire’s Maakies

-headline: “Maybe…We Should Feel Ashamed”

-headline: “Ex-Congressman Found Religion While Doing Time in Prison”

-photo of David Bowie and Mick Jagger in the ’70s. Jagger appears to be wearing a bathrobe.

-drawing (not mine) of Denzel Washington as Malcolm X

-single panel from Mutts where Mooch the cat is dressed in a top hat and coat saying “Kitty Couture”

-single panel from Mutts where one of the squirrels addresses the reader: “I blame society.”


-skeleton of a moa

-single panel from a Jack Kirby comic where masked hero addresses the reader: “Nobody leave this magazine…a CRIME has been committed.”

-drawing of Norah Jones at the piano

-Dear Abby letter wherein a lady complains that her boyfriend continually wets the bed. Abby advises the lady to get the man to the doctor, and if he won’t go, to dump him.

-a few race numbers: Hood to Coast, Bolder Boulder, Butte to Butte, Pearl Street Mile

-a postcard of the endangered Red Squirrel

-picture of Ken Kesey holding a Popsicle while Neil Cassady drives the bus

-drawing from The New Yorker of Obama in baseball jersey #44

Though this isn’t an exhaustive list, I hope it gives you an insight into my frame of mind as I draw Welcome to Falling Rock National Park.

Who knows what letter I’ll rescue from the bins next time! Keep your pencils sharpened and your wits about you and your letter might be next.

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