Recently I’ve had the distinct honor of joining a new kind of comics page. COMIKKA is a way to easily read comic strips on your mobile device (like your iPhone, or if your cat gets wifi). Up to now, you could only read my comic strip Welcome to Falling Rock National Park here on this website. It’s a tad clunky. Comikka has solved that problem. You read comics one panel at a time. Each panel is clear and easy to read, and you simply tap to move forward or back. I’ve tapped through the first 100 panels of Falling Rock and I can attest, this is the best way to read comics online.

To read, simply follow this link via your mobile device.

So for those of you who picked up Falling Rock with the relatively recent comic books and want to see how these characters developed over time, or if you are a fan from back in the Aughts and want to relive the glory days of Falling Rock as a comic strip, Comikka is for you!

Please, let me know what you think of this new service. I’m very excited to be a part of it, and I hope you have a pleasant read.

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Hi Josh, this Comikka format is a great step forward. Beside reading on mobile, and iPad, I think it reveals more of the innate qualities of your artwork. Lines become more defined and the characters have added character. There seems to be more content in each frame as a result. Nice work!

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