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clearing the air

My parents certainly aren’t rich. It isn’t like they have $22 million. No, people with $22 million are rich. For sure. My parents don’t have $22 million, even if you add up all their stocks and real estate and horses.

Rich people have four homes, at least. My parents do not own four homes. The homes they do own are rather small, more like cottages or condos. One of them is a condo, in fact. Houses in the Swiss Alps cost a lot more than condos, I can tell you that. Rich people have houses in the Swiss Alps.

It isn’t like my dad buys my mom a pearl necklace every week. Rich husbands buy their wives pearl necklaces every single week. My dad could never in a million years do that. He only buys her a pearl necklace on special occasions, and when he gives it to her, she knows she won’t be getting another one of those for quite some time.

My trust fund isn’t even that substantial.

I just wanted to clear up any misunderstanding you may have had regarding the monetary value of my parents. They are not rich.

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