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Hello, dear readers.  I’ve been quiet as of late on this here blog.  You have probably noticed a lack of non-Friday Robots posts.  I haven’t forgotten you; I’ve just been putting more and more work into Falling Rock.

You don’t know this about me yet: I love collecting paper.  I sometimes keep receipts for gas stations just so I can happen across them years later and spend a few minutes remembering the circumstances of my fill-up.  Normally the kept receipt is from a road trip, so the unusual location of the gas station tips me off as to what I was doing at the time.  I love my receipt from Dinosaur, Colorado.  It helps me to remember my solo visit to Dinosaur National Monument, a stop I enjoyed so much I brought Isis with me a few years later.

This is all a long preamble to the following photocopy, which I made when I worked high above the streets of Portland.  From that Olympian height, I present:

Isn’t that amazing?  Anybody can make biodiesel!  I have no idea what most of this means, but if I can figure it out you know I’ll be manufacturing biodiesel like mad.

Did you all have a great Thanksgiving?  I hope so.  I did!  I can’t believe I’m almost halfway through Year Six of Falling Rock.  Stay tuned; I’m thinking of making big changes next year.

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