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falling rock cameo in the gabby douglas story

MV5BMjA0ODM1NTMwNV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMjU5ODUwMTE@._V1_SY317_SX214_AL_Last fall, I received an interesting request. Lifetime was making a biopic about Gabby Douglas, the gold medal gymnastics champ at the 2012 Olympics. The art department wanted to know if they could use a couple Falling Rock National Park comic strips for a scene in the movie.

In the scene, Ms. Douglas is sitting in the kitchen reading the newspaper funnies. She and her mom have a little heart-to-heart. Would I allow them to use Falling Rock as one of the comics Ms. Douglas is reading?

OF COURSE, I said. I sent them two comics.


A few weeks ago, The Gabby Douglas Story became available on Netflix. Could this be THE Gabby Douglas story? I wondered. I began to watch.

Sure enough, there is the scene in the kitchen. Ms. Douglas sits at the table, reading the funnies.



It took a few minutes, but I am sure those out-of-focus comics are Falling Rock National Park. Specifically, the two top ones on the left page. Even with my CSI-style Photoshop skills it’s hard to tell, but I was able to verify by matching the black and white areas of the strips.



The Gabby Douglas Story, which I have rated FIVE STARS on Netflix, is certainly worth your time for watching. It joins Dear Mr. Watterson for Falling Rock National Park screen time. I cannot be more proud: a brilliant cartoonist and a gold medal gymnast. Falling Rock keeps good company.

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discarded couches of portland

Discarded couch 8-27-14

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discarded couches of portland


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san diego comic-con 2014


I will be returning to the one and only ComicCon later this month! This year promises to be even more exciting, for the following reasons:
1. I will have the BRAND-NEW Falling Rock National Park #4
2. I will have signed copies of Dear Mr. Watterson on DVD
3. I will be signing FREE POSTERS of Tomb of the Zombies at the Uclick booth.
4. My neighbors, Greg Means (Tugboat Press) and Alec Longstreth (Phase 7) are so awesome I can hardly even look them in the eye.
5. I will have an exclusive, TOP SECRET (unless you follow me on Instagram) print.
…and of course, Henry the Horse dances the waltz.
So come one, come all! Small Press will feel like an oasis of sanity after waiting 6 hours in line to see The Avengers.

comic-con 2012

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this island earth

Drawing based on a screenshot of This Island Earth. Analog linework with digital color.

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issue 4 is COMING

Just in time to make its San Diego ComicCon debut, Falling Rock National Park #4:
SUBSCRIBERS: email me if you’ve changed your address in the past six months. I will mail these out before I head off to San Diego. Expect your copy mid-July.
EVERYBODY: I will soon post a preorder button on my BUY BOOKS page. If you’d like your copy hot off the press and can’t make it to San Diego, you’ll still have a chance to get some of that sweet Falling Rock action.

I’m looking forward to getting this out into the world!

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Bill Watterson in Pearls Before Swine

Yet another hint that our dear friend Bill Watterson might be planning some kind of return. In what is possibly an homage to my April Fools Day Falling Rock strips, Bill ghost-drew a few panels in Pearls Before Swine. Read Stephan Pastis’ full story here. The behind-the-scenes story is almost as good as the finished product.

watterson pastis 1

watterson pastis 2

watterson pastis 3

The best part about this is these strips will be sold at Heroes Con with proceeds going to charity. If only I had a couple grand to spare, I’d snap these up.

Let me use this space to cordially invite Mr. Watterson to San Diego ComicCon next month. Mr. Watterson: no one will recognize you, unless you look exactly like that 30 year old photo, so you won’t be mobbed. San Diego has some very nice bike paths, so you can get some rides in while you’re there. And if you stop by my table (Small Press K-05) I will give you free comics and a beer (or whiskey if that’s your drink).

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meet me in anaheim

 Wondercon bannerHey, what are you doing this weekend? Are you going to WonderCon?
We should totally hang out. I’ll be in the Small Press section, table 88.
Stop by when you’re sick of Mickey and Donald.wondercon-floorplan

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Crossroad Blues

I drew this comic years ago to facetiously answer the question “Where do cartoonists get their ideas?” Where else would we get our creativity but by making a deal with the Devil himself? I was kidding, of course. Old Scratch only deals with the Robert Johnsons and James Camerons of the world. If I had made a deal with Old Scratch, I probably would’ve come out with the next Garfield. As it is, I make do with Falling Rock.josh-and-the-devil-1josh-and-the-devil-2