Hello friends of Falling Rock. I’ve been working hard to bring you two book collections of Welcome to Falling Rock National Park. One got back from the printer’s on Friday and the second will (hopefully) print tomorrow.

This is the first time I’ve collected my comic strip in bound form. Yes! No searching for a newspaper, no typing my name into the vast spaces of the Innertube. You will soon be able to read Falling Rock as never before: with staples.

The first book is called The Great Wave of Falling Rock (after that Hokusai print). It is long format, 7 x 10. It contains 50 sparkly comics. The second book is the pocket-sized Owl and Other Comics (after Mr. Ginsberg’s Howl).

I will have a link up on my website for purchase very soon. If you just can’t wait, email me and I will send them to you. They will also be available at Powell’s City of Books right here in Portland, Oregon (again, more detailed links to follow).

These are exciting times for the residents of Falling Rock National Park. But please, do not feed the animals.

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